Pest Trap


PestTrap is another clone of infamous parasite SpySheriff. This program uses ridiculous false positives to initiate the purchase. Please avoid this program. If you are infected already, please use these pesttrap removal instructions

12 Responses to “Pest Trap”

  1. Adam Leickel says:

    I already bought the pest trap and was wondering if anyone knew if I can get my money back from them? Also since I paid for it with my credit card are they going to be albe to spend like crazy in my expense? Thanks in advance.


  2. jack says:

    hey, i need help, i followed the link and did all the stuff but its still hitting me hard!!!

  3. Art Arruda says:

    I paid for this program and cancelled it right away. However, I found that they took my information and cashed it anyhow. Anyone know how I can get my refund………….???????

  4. Anonymous says:

    should have read all the info on tis pest first, i am tired of the stupid balloone poping up telling me my pc is infected

  5. Fred Ivey says:

    I contacted these frauds- via downloading- and they misrepresented their services. I have since contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigations and The BBB- They are fake and bogus- I did not read the replys prior to downloading- but they will NOT get away with this.

  6. kevin says:

    i just bought pest trap and it does not work. i was wondering if i could get my money back

  7. Barbara says:

    Pest Trap is the worse virus I have ever encountered. DO NOT TRY their 30-day trail offer. It attached itself to my operating system and has cost me over $400 to have fixed. DO NOT INSTALL TRIAL VERSION OF PEST TRAP. They do not answer their e-mails, nor do they give telephone or company information on how to reach them. It was the nightmare from hell to get rid of and I am still trying to restore my files. In talking to my computer systems helpdesk, they informed me they have to reinstall at least ten systems a day due to this software virus.

  8. owen tate says:

    I got a warning on my computer from pest trap telling me that I have been infected. I was going to fall for it but then I said to myself, I’ve already got internet security from a top class manufacturer. surely that would of warned me instead.
    Then I said to mysef “let me do a google search on the name pest trap”

    And thats when I found messages from you guys telling me its fake.
    Thank you.

  9. Armando Zavaleta says:

    ok i downloaded it but i still havent bought it
    and i was wondering if you guys know of anything that can remove spyware

  10. Beerman309 says:

    No way. They are a foreign company and would never give your money back. I had to open windows in dos and run smitrem and many other antivirus programs to get rid of pest trap. Very big nuisance and took alot of my time getting rid of it because I am farely computer illiterate.

  11. r mattice says:

    Here is another rogue antispyware program which has infected my desktop and I can not remove it. Help anyone!! If there is a free uninstall program for this one, I would appreciate it being emailed to me, or give me the website where I can get it. As with other posts here, I have got suckered in to paying for programs I did not need. This one I did not pay for, but did install the free trial, now I can’t get rid of it. It has hijacked my computer desktop. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Jana B says:

    I purchased Pest Trap and had to wipe out my entire computer and rebuild it to get rid of it. I am so angry that I paid for this.