Please, ignore STOP PIRACY alert


Stop Piracy virus is one of Ukash group of ransomwares that can get inside the system without any permission asked. Basically, it relies on Trojan.Winlock, which locks the system as soon as it infects it and then displays an alert according to your location. So, as FBI virus is designed for USA’s users, STOP PIRACY ransomware is clearly set to attack French-speaking countries. I highly recommend you to ignore the alert, which is is titled ‘STOP PIRACY Document-maître des infractions’ and asks to pay the fine for your illegal activities on the Internet. Also, you have to remove this cyber infection from your computer. Of course, you may find some troubles when trying to remove Stop Piracy because it blocks its victims from doing ANYTHING on their PCs. However, disabling the Flash or using other account with administrator’s rights could help you to unblock the system.

As I have already mentioned, Stop Piracy virus is distributed by trojan horse, which can get inside the system together with freeware, shareware, spam emails and similar downloads. So, you should avoid those websites that are packed with pop-up ads or unofficial software. As soon as it manages to get in, this ransomware hijacks the desktop and replaces user’s desktop with its fake alert. If you see this warning on your desktop, you have to remove Stop Piracy virus ASAP. Otherwise you can forget about normal activity on your computer.

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