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Some people asks me where is the best place to play poker online… One of the places I’d recommend is Poker Champs. Its quite a new poker room With the Brand-name of Poker Star Gus Hansen.
Why Do I recommend PokerChamps? Its one of the best places for the new poker players, because you can start winning there without deposit. There are lots of FreeRolls in Poker Champs and you can WIN money Without any additional conditions. Additionally every player can earn money just by playing poker. Points are earned while you are playing at real Money tables and Some percents of the rake goes to your account.
So there is no any entrance fees, deposit requirements or some played hands required. Some poker Stars like Tony G, Gus Hansen are playing there, and if you will beat them you can get additional bonus depending on tournament you are participating.
So PokerChamps is one of the really good places to start playing poker. START PLAYING

Here is how it looks like:
Poker Champs Table  PokerChamps features:

 Minimum table limit $0.02/$0.04
 Maximum table limit $100/$200
 Multi-tabling (4×4 on screen)
 Satellite tournaments
 Sit & Go tournaments
 Regular and turbo tournaments
 Cash tables
 Fun Money tables

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