Privacy Control


PrivacyControl may be promoted online as a legitimate program, but it’s a malware. It’s not able to infect computers and it’s not distributed by trojans. However, Privacy Control is a malicious program. Its main purpose is to lure people into scam and milk money. Remove Privacy Control without any doubts if it is installed on your machine.

Privacy Control is advertised as history cleaner; it must be installed manually. Once installed, PrivacyControl loads intimidating warnings to push user into purchasing full version of PrivacyControl. Do not download nor buy this software! Privacy Control isn’t able to clean web browsers history. This program is non-functional; it can’t do anything besides loading pop-ups. Use PrivacyControl removal to delete this fraudulent software.

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  1. I’m not sure if i agree with the topc conslusion, there are so many opinions ..which to beleive?