Privacy Corrector


Privacy Corrector is one more rogue antispyware program that penetrates into computer systems by employing Trojan viruses. The program doesn’t announce about its infiltration to computer user so you are only able to see this when the program is already inside the system. Usually Privacy Corrector can be infiltrated while visiting infected websites.

As soon as the program infiltrates into computer it runs system scanner and reports about a bunch of different infections detected on your computer. In order to remove them Privacy Corrector will offer purchasing its license by claiming that a full version of a program will be able to remove all infections and you system will be protected again. Unfortunately it’s a scam so you shouldn’t trust this program at all.

Privacy Corrector reports about infections that don’t even exist on your computer. The only purpose of this is to make you believe your computer is infected and then make you purchase Privacy Corrector. That’s the way cyber criminals are earning money.

You are strongly recommended removing Privacy Corrector as soon as you detect it on your computer system. Use a reputable antispyware program to make sure you really get rid of this.

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