Privacy Protection


Privacy Protection is a rogue antispyware program that spreads to computers using Trojan viruses. It’s is a malicious program that imitates functions of security application but in fact has no useful functions at all. The truth is that Privacy Protection is a rogue antispyware program which means that its creators want computer users to believe it’s a reputable antispyware program.

Privacy Protection spreads to computer systems through system vulnerabilities, employing Trojan viruses. Once the program sneaks inside, it makes some essential changes in Windows Registry to make itself comfortable inside the system. These changes enable Privacy Protection to be started automatically when computer reboots.

The program runs system scanner and pretends to look for malicious files here. It definitely “detects” some malicious files and lists them in the infections list. Later on the program offers removing them by purchasing a full version of Privacy Protection. However, if you make a payment for it, you will end up losing your money and get no program at all. Besides, the problems that were bothering you will keep annoying you just like before.

In order to stop all malicious actions on your system, you must get rid of Privacy Protection as soon as possible. You can either run a system scan with a reputable antispyware program or remove Privacy Protection manually.

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