As many people are concerned about cyber privacy and computer security, many malware creators make use of that and keep releasing corrupt programs masked as anti spyware or anti virus.

PrivacyConductor is new rogue security tool, but it’s not very different from other malwares of this kind. Privacy Conductor is promoted as “hard drive cleaning tool”. It acts similar to other fake anti spyware programs: Privacy Conductor displays fabricated security notifications and urges user to get full version of PrivacyConductor for removing spyware. The scheme of this scam is simple: PrivacyConductor infects a computer, loads falsified security reports and convinces people to pay for PrivacyConductor. Don’t step into this trap! PrivacyConductor is a computer parasite itself; it’s not capable of removing spyware. It’s a fraud to fool users and gather money.

Don’t purchase and don’t download Privacy Conductor! Remove PrivacyConductor right after you notice pop-ups related to this malware. You may use PrivacyConductor removal to delete this computer parasite.

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