Do not trust PrivacyProtector and do not purchase this software! Privacy Protector is presented as a security application dedicated to clean hard drive, protect a computer from keyloggers and similar privacy violations. Unfortunately all those features are not real; Privacy Protector is actually a malware and scam. This ‘security tool’ is non-functional and it doesn’t work even if user pays for a full version.

Privacy Protector infects computers through web browser exploits. It reports major privacy risks and system problems; and then it offers full version of PrivacyProtector for deleting the threats. Don’t step into this trap! The issues reported by Privacy Protector are falsifiedf; Privacy Protector is infection itself. Use Privacy Protector removal is this malware hits your computer. You can recognize PrivacyProtector scam because it mostly displays message “Your privacy is in danger. Download privacy protection software now!”

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