Protect Pcs


ProtectPcs is defined as a rogue anti-spyware software which uses Trojans viruses to come to the system unrecognized. Pretending to be the updates that are required to watch videos online, Trojans start downloading ProtectPcs instead. These parasites also create a plenty of unnecessary files which later are detected by this badware as infections.

After these changes are made, ProtectPcs, just like its copy IGuardPc, starts to run automatically anytime you log into Windows. The program provides annoying pop-up windows and messages that all announce about the spyware detected on your computer. Moreover, fake Windows security center is also displayed and for fixing everything it is usually offered installing ProtectPcs for you. Internet Explorer also starts alerting you that your computer is unsafe and you need to install this rogue anti-spyware.

Do not follow any of these alerts because they all are fake. If you have already purchased this program, you definitely need to uninstall it. Ignore its fabricated scan results and use removal guide to get rid of this scam called Protect Pcs. Delete Protect Pcs immediately after detection!


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