Protect Shield


Protect Shield is a rogue antispyware program which infiltrates through Trojans and claims to be a security tool. As soon as it appears on the system the program runs its scanner which only imitates looking for infections, however most of the users may fall for the trick and start believing the program is really a security tool. Finally, it displays scan results which are fabricated as well. Files that are told to be infections actually either don’t exist on your system or they are harmless.

ProtectShield also generates a bunch of various pop up ads and security notifications which state that your system is at risk and uses various tactics to make you think there’s something wrong going on your computer. One more thing to mention is that this show is repeated each time you restart your computer. It becomes almost impossible to handle this and work on your computer. Protect Shield offers fixing everything for a certain amount of money, however this is not true. ProtectShield is not able to do anything useful on your system and only reaches for your money.

The only way to stop all this mess is to get rid of Protect Shield. Run a full scan with a reputable antispyware program and eliminate Protect Shield once and for all the time.

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