ProtectDefender is a fake anti-spyware tool that infects and deteriorates computer system through the use of trojans. It’s a scam that tries to convince computer users they got badly infected and later tries to sell its product in order to fix the potential damage.

You can get your computer infected by this malware while downloading flash updates or video codecs in order to watch videos on certain websites. It’s one of the easiest ways for a malware to enter your system as it doesn’t need your approval to be installed. You can recognize that you are infected by Protect Defender if you notice some system scanners launching automatically and offering to purchase a licensed copy of Protect Defender in order to fix the potential infections. A very common symptom is pop ups flashing on your desktop and alerting that your computer is at risk.

The same stuff is repeating every time you reboot your computer so you have only one right choice – removing Protect Defender from your computer. Purchasing Protect Defender only leads to losing your money. Don’t make profit to the creators of this scam and find the best way to remove Protect Defender immediately after you notice it on your system. If you have already paid for this application, don’t hesitate and contact your credit card company to dispute the charges.

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