Quick Defrag


Quick Defrag is a fake security tool that imitates being an optimization program though actually it doesn’t have useful properties. The program infiltrates through Trojans, completely secretly, imitates scanning your system, reports about system errors and finally asks for a payment for a full version of Quick Defrag.

The errors mainly include hard drive problems and for each system it says the same thing. That’s the first strange thing to notice about this application. Additionally to the fake scanner, Quick Defrag generates different security notifications and pop ups which report about more errors noticed on your system. These messages are all fake so you shouldn’t take them for granted.

You are highly advised to get rid of Quick Defrag as soon as you detect its traces on your system. Run a full system scan with a reputable antispyware program and eliminate this badware quickly and easily. Never pay for programs like this if you don’t wanna lose your money because of computer hackers.

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