Red Cross Antivirus


Red Cross Antivirus is a fake antivirus program that uses Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert Trojan in order to infiltrate and convince computer user into purchasing its licensed version. The alert warns about a Trojan infected in your system and gives a list of recommended antivirus programs to remove the infection. Among legitimate programs and 5 rogue antivirus programs, Red Cross Antivirus is offered to purchase.

Once Red Cross Antivirus gets inside, it loads a scanner and pretends to perform system scan. The problem is that it only imitates this action but in reality is not able to detect a single infection. However, the program generates a list of infections which is totally fabricated and recommends purchasing Red Cross Antivirus for their removal.

The application also disables running most of your programs by stating that they are infected by malicious program which might pose a threat for the Operating System. In order to exterminate malicious program from it you will be offered to purchase a full version of Red Cross Antivirus.

Do not doubt to remove Red Cross Antivirus is you have noticed its existence on your computer. If you have paid for it, contact your credit card as soon as possible and dispute the charges.

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