Registry Power Cleaner


RegistryPowerCleaner has the only one power and it is cleaning bank accounts. The creators of Registry Power Cleaner chose misleading tactics that are used by many fraudulent programs these days. RegistryPowerCleaner is presented as a security tool in order to attract people interested in web safety. This application even loads falsified system alerts to give an impression of some work done in a background. And then it urges people to pay for a full version in order to use all features. Unfortunately, there are no other features: RegistryPower Cleaner can only display fabricated security messages, that’s all. Do not purchase this program! Remove RegistryPowerCleaner malware without any hesitation.

2 Responses to “Registry Power Cleaner”

  1. Roger says:

    Personally I find nothing fraudulant about Registry Power Cleaner.

    I fail to find any evdience to support that it is presented as a security tool. The programs website markets it solely as a registry cleaner.

    And any messages the program displays are for showing the number of registry errors found – it does not say you are infected with spyware.

    Also I do not know why you have provided a link to an antispyware program to remove it – as it can be removed from Add/Remote programs

    I’m not recommending the program but see nothing particuarly wrong with it. Presumably if there was McAfee would not sell it.

  2. Scott says:

    Roger, you may be correct in your claim. But many malware apps like to ‘imitate’ legit Apps that people have heard of. For instance I found this site while trying to remove RegistryPowerCleaner from a customers computer. It most definately is NOT in add/remove. At least the infection type this computer has.

    I’m not saying your incorrect in what you said. Merely pointing out that just because you have it and see no problem with it does not mean it’s a good and legit program.