RegistryCleanerXP is a fake security tool that is advertised by RegistryCleanerXP adware. This adware displays fabricated security warnings that look like Windows system notifications. The notifications urge people to buy RegistryCleanerXP and a lot of people do not recognize a scam as the pop-ups looks like legitimate alerts. Do not buy RegistryCleanerXP! It is a malicious tool and you don’t want to pay for people who infected your computer in the first place. RegistryCleanerXP is able to install itself by using security holes. Remove RegistryCleanerXP as soon as possible.

3 Responses to “RegistryCleanerXP”

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  2. JohnW says:

    Your Spyware Doctor killed the registrycleanerxp horrible popup first go.
    Thank you! Thank you heaps!

  3. Anonymous says:

    A bit complicating to register!
    Rev. Gerald Tseng