RegistryCleanFix is harmful computer parasite. This malware can download and install other computer infections on the compromised system. It’s not clear how RegistryCleanFix infects computers, but if it is on your machine, use RegistryCleanFix removal immediately.

RegistryCleanFix works secretly in a background to launch enormous amounts of pop-ups. The messages displayed by this malware are not just annoying, they are fabricated security reports made in order to trick users. RegistryCleanFix uses the same scheme as many other fake security tools: it loads fake security alerts to deceive people and make them believe they need to get new anti spyware. Don’t fall for this trick; remove RegistryCleanFix without any doubts.

One Response to “RegistryCleanFix”

  1. James says:

    hi i tried cleanfix, and it seems a good software to me, you should try them, my pc is running better now after installing it!