RegistryDoctor 2008


RegistryDoctor2008 is new corrupt security tool. As you can guess it by its name, RegistryDoctor 2008 pretends to be a registry cleaner. Computer literate people know that there are many things to take care of in order to keep a computer safe, including computer’s registry entries. And RegistryDoctor2008 targets those who want to buy every tool available to protect a machine.

One can easily guess that Registry Doctor 2008 is malicious because it is installed on computer without user’s consent. Legitimate applications don’t do that. The second hint of RegistryDoctor2008 being a malware is the fact that RegistryDoctor 2008 can’t be uninstalled.

Don’t trust any error reports or threat alerts displayed by Registry Doctor 2008! Delete it without any doubts. Use RegistryDoctor2008 removal if it infects your computer.

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