RegTool is one of many bogus registry cleaners which were created by hackers to increase their profit. This parasite is designed with a reason to make users think that their PCs are full of infections and push them into throwing out their money for the “full” RegTool version. To make people believe even more, this rogue registry cleaner is guaranteed to be the only and ultimate tool for removing all the problems detected in the PC registry.

However, RegTool has appeared to act in much different way after being installed. Firstly, this rogue has been reported to deny the access to most popular legitimate applications, steal personal information and other sensitive data from the users. Also, many computer owners have been annoyed to death by different RegTool ads, which demand to pay money for its “full” version. To sum up, if you were tricked into installing this parasite, remove RegTool as soon as you can.

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