Beware of Reveton trojan scam


Reveton Trojan is a ransomware application that distributes fake emails seemingly sent by legitimate law enforcement authorities or other local police departments. In addition, this Trojan disables its victims from accessing their infected machines and requires paying a fine for ‘unlocking’ the system. For that, it offers using PaySafe or Ukash channels or asks to purchase a Paysafecard. Under no circumstances you should pay this fine because that’s what scammers expect you to do. You must remove Reveton Trojan online casino instead.

There are at least 12 Reveton Trojan variants that are spread in different countries, like France, Italy, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium and others. As soon as they get an access to their target PC, these Trojans display misleading alerts asking to pay a 100 euros fine at the end of the message. Though in most of the cases users haven’t paid the fine, they report about serious issues when trying to unblock their computers. It seems like this ransomware is a growing problem for PC users at the moment because its creators are suspected to be included into other campaigns, like Zeus or rogue anti-spywares. If you have also been infected with this extremely dangerous ransomware, you should read a step-by-step guide explaining how to unlock your computer and remove Reveton Trojan.

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