Rival Gaming and its true activity


Rival Gaming is a gaming toolbar that promises to help the user navigate between the games at any time. However, instead of giving a new gaming experience, it initiates annoying activity on its target computer and may also lead to identity or privacy theft. Though it seems to be useful, I wouldn’t recommend you keeping Rival Gaming on your PC if you don’t want to lose sensitive information, like credit card details, passwords or information about your browsing habits.

As soon as Rival Gaming is downloaded, it makes itself comfortable and settles down on your browser without any permission asked. This and other activities make me think that this program is malware. ┬áBesides, it has also been reported to be spread bundled with other programs and then redirect users when they are trying to find something online. These sites users are redirected to don’t even match the query.

If you have also been tricked to install this gaming toolbar, you may be searching for a way how you can remove Rival Gaming. In order to do that successfully, I highly recommend checking 2 spyware page sharing detailed information on how to remove Rival Gaming.

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