Safe Fighter


Safe Fighter is one more rogue anti-spyware from the malicious Winisoft family which in the near future will annoy every computer expert to death. SafeFighter uses the same misleading tactics just like SecurityFighter, Secure Fighter or Secure Veteran and, similarly to them, concentrates in making PC users purchase the “full” its version. In reality, this application is not worth any sum of money required and should be uninstalled once it is detected in the computer.
At the beginning without any notice of a user Safe Fighter infiltrates the system of the compromised PC.  When it is in, it changes the settings of the Registry and invades the whole system of the PC. In addition to this after the necessary actions are done, program normally starts posing to scan the system for parasites and then loads misleading reports about the critical level of the security. Safe Fighter informs the user that there are tons of worms, Trojans and other malware found and that only the “full” its version is urgently needed. What is more, a current sum of money is asked for the possibility to download and install this scam. Please, don’t fall into this! After being purchased, this program will only make your PC act weird and can even damage its system. Please, get rid of Safe Fighter as soon as possible!

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