SafePcAv is a fake rogue antispyware created by cyber criminals to rip people off. The application pretends to be a tool taking care of your computer protection though in reality it doesn’t have any function at all. SafePcAv is able to be downloaded and installed completely secretly. Usually it uses Trojan viruses for the infiltration. The Trojans pretend to be programs necessary to watch videos on certain Internet websites.

Once inside, SafePcAv is simulating a job of a real anti-spyware. The program launches its scanner and imitates looking for infections. Once the scan is finished, SafePcAv lists plenty of files and claims they are malware infections. In reality, these files were created by the Trojan that downloaded and installed SafePcAv and they do not pose any risk to your system. That is why you shouldn’t try to remove them. Besides, if you choose to delete the detected files with SafePcAv it will make you pay money for a license of the program. This is a complete waste of money.

You have to remove SafePcAv the sooner the better. Otherwise you will be intimidated by this scamware each time you log in to your computer. SafePcAv will keep running its scanner. Besides, the program will be generating fake security notifications announcing that your system is at risk and that you need to purchase SafePcAv in order to protect your computer. Do not fall for this trick and do not help cyber criminals to gain money this way.

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