SaveArmor is a fake PC scanner and parasites’ remover which in reality just tries to steal the money from unaware computer users. Posing to be a legitimate anti-spyware, Save Armor continuously scans the system and “successfully” finds tons of infections. It reports that hundreds of Trojans, worms and other malware are found in the machine and says that a reputable anti-spyware is urgently needed for their removal. This method of scaring the user into buying the software is a classic tactics of the rogue anti-spywares,such as SaveDefender, SoftSafeness, SafetyKeeper or SaveKeeper so please be attentive! Also, SaveArmor shows a fake Windows Security Center and advertises the “full” its version which needs to be purchased. Don’t let the scammers steal your money! Use the removal guide which is listed bellow and get rid of SaveArmor!

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