If you think to make your PC safe after purchasing anti-malware called SaveKeep, you must read this post immediately. Save Keep is a rogue application which pretends to be a reputable anti-virus program. However, this software is able neither to detect nor to delete any kind of parasite. What is more, it is a parasite by itself and may damage you computer system that will be never returned.
SaveKeep breaks into your computer through security holes and starts to behave just like many other rogue anti-spywares do. Firstly, it starts interrupting your computer work with annoying system scans. There is no surprise that hundreds of worms, Trojans and other viruses are found there. You get all these results displayed on your computer desktop and at that point you are recommended to purchase SaveKeep “full” version. Do not trust all these advertisements! Save your money and remove SaveKeep once it is recognized to start its malicious actions!

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