SaveSoldier is one of badware programs which do not provide any help for the user, just swindles the money out of him. If you remember another fake anti-malware SaveKeep then you know exact actions how SaveSoldier acts because it’s just a copy-paste version of that scam.
SaveSoldier installs itself to the PCs via Trojans, browser hijackers or fake online scanners. Immediately, this parasite starts imitating to check the system and pretends to detect tons of malware. Users are aggressively advertised paying 49.95$ for the “licensed” version of SaveSoldier which is promised to remove all these imaginary threats. To sum up, the trialware of this parasite makes you, trustful computer owners, take this program seriously and when it starts alerting you to find infections you just agree purchasing this rogue. DO NOT pay for this rogue, because it is just another parasite which may damage your PC system. Save your money and remove SaveSoldier without any hesitation.

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  1. TrustNinja says:

    […] this scam immediately after detection. Being from the family of rogues which connects “famous” SaveSoldier, SaveKeep, WiniShield, Winifighter and WinBlueSoft, TrustNinja will not surprise you with different […]