by is a malicious domain which promotes such worthless programs as Smart Protector. invades computers secretly and takes the whole control over their browsers, so there is no doubt that using a reputable anti-spyware is urgently needed if you want to avoid such parasites like these two.

After hijacks the browser, PC users start noticing that when surfing the Internet, they are continuously redirected to the malicious website with fake online scanners. Additionally to the transportation, scanning the system for malware is on the misleading domain and there are hundreds of viruses found there. Also,  Smart Protector is presented as the reputable anti-spyware which urgently needs to be purchased for the removal of all the threats.

Promoting rogue Smart Protector is the main reason, why browser hijacker was created and is used, so watch out. Pay your attention if you find yourself being redirected to Check your PC with a good application and delete all the files, connected to and Smart Protector as soon as possible!


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