Searchnu redirects your browser traffic


Searchnu is a browser hijacker that has been reported to initiate serious problems for its victim when he/she starts browsing the web. Though it seems like a normal search engine which service is hosted on, it has been discussed to return doubtful search results and redirect users to malicious websites. Besides, users who have this program on board claim that searchnu tends to change browser settings and makes the default home page. As you can see, this program does nothing else but messes the system up, so I recommend to remove searchnu from your computer if you don’t want to suffer from this.

Mostly, this program is downloaded by the same user together with free programs, like mp3 converters, livid or other. While most of us still fail to check the license agreement for the software components, such programs like searchnu get ability to come inside and start initiating problems. You shouldn’t think that that’s because of your anti-virus that failed to stop this program from infiltration – searchnu is still not classified as virus. However, according to various discussions it can be called potentially unwanted application. If you have also been tricked into downloading searchnu and now suffer from annoying redirections to different pages than you are not supposed to visit, you should remove searchnu without any delay. While it was installed together with other freeware, you should remove all its coomponents one-by-one from your machine. Follow this guide for additional guidelines on how to¬†remove Searchnu from your computer.

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