Secure Defense


Secure Defense is a rogue antispyware program that spreads to computers through malware infections. As soon as the program enters the system it is configured to start automatically when computer is booted. At this time, Secure Defense also creates plenty of malware files which are actually not harmful at all. The purpose of them is to imitate infections when Secure Defense scans system for threats. Basically, these files are shown in the list of scan results. The program claims that these files have to be removed as soon as possible as they are posing risk to your system. Then it tells to purchase a license of Secure Defence in order it could fully perform.

Moreover, the program is responsible for tons of security notifications and pop up ads that spread on the desktop regularly. The messages state that your computer is being attacked by an Internet virus and that is can be a password-stealing attack. In order to stop this, you are recommended to purchase a license of Secure Defense and activate your copy of the program.

Note that Secure Defense is a scam application that has nothing in common with a real antispyware program. it is strongly recommended to uninstall Secure Defense with a reputable antispyware program or manually.

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