Secure Veteran


Secure Veteran is the rogue anti-spyware which is usually promoted on the bogus websites, just like or After the user enters such domain, Trojan Downloader immediately breaks in the compromised PC and installs this parasite which can’t make any useful for the machine. Just after settling down in the system, SecureVeteran starts its malicious job with a reason to make people believe their computers are infected and the “full” version of this program is urgently needed.

The program creates the fake files and poses to check the system for infections. Of course, it detects them as malware and reports it for the user. Also, Secure Veteran interrupts the work of the PC user and redirects him to its “official” websites where the “licensed” version is told to be available. However, I would highly recommend you not to take these alerts serious. What is more, don’t purchase this scam and remove Secure Veteran before it damages your PC!

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