Don’t take Secure Fighter serious! SecureFighter just poses to be a legitimate application, which is capable to remove all the existing cyber threats. In reality this application is just one more rogue program, from the same badwares’ family which joins Security Soldier, Security Fighter and Secure Veteran.
Secure Fighter is usually spread via Trojan viruses, which can easily come to your PC after finding some security vulnerabilities. The program starts checking your machine for viruses just after being infiltrated and continuously tells you that tons of malware is found. Secure Fighter uses misleading security notifications and system alerts with a reason to make you think that your PC is heavily infected and a new security program is urgently needed. You will be definitely informed that only a “full” version of Secure Fighter is capable to delete all these threats.
However, save your money which is required for downloading this scam. It will make your PC malfunction instead of removing the parasites from the system. Instead of that, please use a reputable antispyware and get rid of Secure Fighter as soon as possible.

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