SecureKeeper is a rogue anti-spyware program, fake spyware removal tool from the same family as LinkSafeness and SiteVillain (WiniSoft family). Secure Keeper is classified as a misleading application because it is promoted through the use of Trojans, fake online scanners and displays false scan results to make you think your PC is infected with spyware, adware, Trojans and other malicious software. Once a certain Trojan is installed, you will start to see alerts and notifications from your Windows Task bar stating that your computer is infected and that you should install SecureKeeper to remove supposed infections or system security threats. When installed, the rogue program will be configured to start automatically and scan your computer every time you log on into Windows.  Furthermore, SecureKeeper will block anti-virus software and security related websites to protect itself from being removed. This application also hijacks Internet Explorer and redirects you to various misleading websites that promotes rogue applications or displays advertisements/reviews. Now that’s obviously a scam. Most importantly, do not pay for this bogus application. The next step should be its removal. The best way to remove this parasite is to use trusted and effective anti-spyware application like Spyware Doctor. Please also note that removal delay will cause more damage to the system.


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