Stay clear of a new rogue program SecurePcAv. It’s a new creation that belongs to WiniSoft family. SecurePcAv is distributed with a help of Trojan viruses that pretend to be programs necessary to watch videos on some websites. As soon as you download this Trojan to your machine, it step by step takes over your system.

First of all, the same Trojan creates some fake files that SecurePcAv later detects as infections when it runs a system scan. The program insists removing them when the scan is finished. But if you try to do that you will be asked to pay for a license of SecurePcAv. To make the infections look even more dangerous SecurePcAv constantly generates security alerts that announce about active malware infection detected and recommend registering your copy of SecurePcAv. Later the program hijacks your internet browser that leads to annoying messages displayed during any internet session. The messages typically state that the website you are trying to load is infected and that SecurePcAv would protect your system if you purchase it.

You have to know that SecurePcAv is able neither to detect nor to remove any files. The program was designed only to convince computer users into purchasing its license. This is the way cyber criminals are making money. If you have already purchased a licesne of SecurePcAv, please contanct your credit card company now and dispute the charges. Finally, get rid of SecurePcAv from your computer manyally or with a reliable anti-spyware tool.

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