Security 2009


Security 2009 is a software that you may encounter while browsing the web. You will see a pop-up window offering online security scan; the pop-ups might also present scan results right away. The report informs each person about the same trojans and other infections located on a computer. If clicked upon, the pop-up will offer buying full version of Security2009 as a cure for malwares. This is the way that Security 2009 infects computers. It may be difficult to recognize the scam behind these online advertisements, but it’s possible. One should keep in mind that online advertisements have no access to visitor’s computer. Therefore the information displayed on the pop-ups is pure lie fabricated to attract attention.

Do not download Security 2009 and don’t spend your money for this fraud! Once Security2009 gets on a computer, it loads even more pop-ups and it is difficult to delete. Remove Security 2009 as soon as possible.

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