Security Antivirus


Security Antivirus is a fake anti-spyware program that was designed in order to gain money by purchasing fake software. The program imitates a system scanner, alerts about the infections found and later recommends removing them with Security Antivirus software.

The program is promoted and installed through fake scanners that appear on the Internet or Trojan viruses. Right after infiltration Security Antivirus starts after each computer boot. Security Antivirus totally takes control of your computer so it’s practically impossible to work. Every time you run some program or browse the Internet, Security Anivirus is displaying annoying security alerts warning about potentially harmful software in your system, harmful programs that need to be fixed immediately, etc. The only solution Security Antivirus suggests for all the problems is purchasing a license of Security Antivirus.

The program also launches its scanner and lists such files like %UserProfile%\Recent\ANTIGEN.drv, %UserProfile%\Recent\ANTIGEN.exe, %UserProfile%\Recent\DBOLE.sys, as infections. Actually this information is fabricated. These files were created by the Trojan that installed Security Antivirus to your system. It is obvious that something is wrong in this application as it asks removing the files created by itself.

You must delete Security Antivirus with a reputable anti-virus program or manually as soon as you notice it on your system. If you trusted this application and paid money for it, do not hesitate and contact your credit company to dispute the charges.

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