Security Central


Do not be mistaken by Security Central application which is a rogue anti-spyware program no matter that its name promises protection. It’s a program that uses Trojan viruses for its infiltration processes and once inside is able to take control of the infected computer system.

Security Central contains system scanners which pretend to look for infections in the system. Unfortunately, it only imitates the functions of a scanner but doesn’t detect any real threats. Security Central displays legitimate files to be infections and strongly recommends removing them. If you attempt to do that manually, you may end up ruining your Windows as you will probably remove some legitimate program. Automatic removal will require purchasing a full version of Security Central. This action will be equal to throwing your money to wind as Security Central is not a security tool and it’s not able to detect or remove anything.

As you probably already understood, Security Central was created for one purpose – to steal money of computer users. This is how cyber criminals are earning for living.

Ignore any notifications by Security Central as they will be constantly generated while Security Central is running in the background. Make sure to get rid of Security Central application as soon as you notice it on your computer.

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