Security Essentials 2011


Security Essentials 2011 is a new fake security tool that target random computer systems and attempts to gain money from computer users. It’s a clone on infamous Internet Security 2010 and Security Essentials 2010. These three scam programs use exactly the same user interface and methods to swindle money away.

The program contaminates computers through Trojan viruses. Then its uses a bogus scanner to imitate system scan for infections. Actually Security Essentials 2011 is not able to detect anything and only wants to gain your trust and make you purchase a full version of its program.

The existence of this rogue program in the system also means that you will receive a bunch of security notifications warning about system threats and encouraging into registering a full version of Security Essentials 2011. Ignore such messages and scan results by Security Essentials 2011 as it’s not a program worth your trust.

Security experts strongly advise getting rid of Security Essentials 2011 by running system scan with a reputable antspyware program.

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