Security Guard


Beware of Security Guard application and don’t confuse it with a legitimate anti-spyware program. That’s exactly what this program is seeking for. It was created by computer hackers who are ready for everything in order to get some more money.

Security Guard infiltrates to any computer system through Trojans which pretend to be flash updates or simply spreads over various malicious websites. The websites by Security Guard advertise the program and additionally runs a scanner online which only imitates system scan results. It also suggests buying a full version of Security Guard which is presented as one of the greatest security tools all over the world.

While the program is running on your computer there’s a big chance to receive the whole package of pop up messages and security tray alerts stating one and the same information about spyware infiltrating your system. These notifications will offer purchasing Security Guard as well claiming that this tool will fix everything and even protect you from futher spyware attacks.

Make sure to ignore these statements just like the scan results as Security Guard wishes no good to you or any other computer user. Please eliminate Security Guard form your system immediately after noticing it there. Don’t wait until you see more annoying results caused by this scam, such as browser hijacking and horrible computer slowdown. Besides, if you however have made a payment for Security Guard, don’t hesitate or doubt to call your bank and dispute the charges.

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