Security Inspector 2010


Security Inspector 2010 is a fake antivirus program that is distributed through Trojan viruses and on malicious websites that promote Security Inspector 2010 as a legitimate security tool. It’s a clone of infamous Antivirus Studio 2010 that recently was extremely active and damaged lots of computer systems.

If the program is infiltrated through Trojans it basically uses system holes and secretly lies deep inside. Security Inspector 2010 can also be infiltrated over browser hijack when you are redirected to the website of Security Inspector 2010 and asked to make a payment for it in order to remove all malicious infections. Before that the website offers running system scan using a scanner online. The scanner is run for couple of minutes and then another screen of infections is displayed. The program offers purchasing a full version of Security Inspector 2010 in order to enable the application to remove all infections. In fact such notifications are casino online absolutely fake and should be ignored. Paying for Security Inspector 2010 is a waste of money as nothing will change either the payment will be made or not. The truth is that Security Inspector 2010 displays fake infections that probably don’t even exist on your system.

You are highly recommended to get rid of Security Inspector 2010 from your computer instead of paying for it. If you have made a payment already, contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.


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