Security Master AV


Security Master AV is a rogue antispyware program that should never be trusted. It is designed by cyber criminals for just one reason which is to gain money from innocent computer users. You must be very cautious about everything related to Security Master AV.

After the infiltration, the program irritates by displaying tons of fake security notifications and constantly scanning the system for infections. In fact, Security Master AV uses fake scanner and only imitates looking for viruses but in the end displays fake infections that doesn’t even exist. However, the user is usually unaware of that and Security Master AV can easily convince him to purchase a full version of a program by stating that it’s the only way pokies games to get rid of infections.

Security alerts and fake pop up ads play additional role in promoting Security Master AV as a legitimate antispyware tool. So no matter how convincing they look like, you shouldn”t trust the information they state. Beware that Security Master AV is a scam to be avoided.

Make sure to get rid of Security Master AV once you detect it”s very first signs on your computer. If you have also made a payment for this rogue program, do not hesitate to contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.

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