Security Master


Security Master is a rogue antispyware program that spreads on the Internet and silently infiltrates into computer systems through system vulnerabilities. Once inside, the application makes some changes so that it could easily work under its well made plan.

Security Master warns about multiple infections by generating tons of pop up ads and security warnings. In reality they don’t provide any real information so they should be ignored. Security Master also contains a scanner which is run after each computer reboot even though you don’t ask for scanning your system. The scan results obviously must be ignored. Security Master has no ability to detect any threats so please ignore what its scanner says no matter what.

Most importantly do not pay anything for this program. After Security Master scans your system it will definitely offer purchasing its commercial version which supposedly works as an antispyware program. In fact, getting money for Security Master is the main goal of its creators.

You must get rid of Security Master instead of believing in its tricks or paying for it. If you have already made a payment by mistake, immediately contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.

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