Security Scanner 2012


Security Scanner 2012 is a typical rogue that you must be remove before it downloads more malware to your PC. It has been confirmed to be released by scammers who are trying to rip users of by offering them to buy the fake licensed version. However, you must keep in mind that Security Scanner is dangerous application capable to enter your system with a help of trojans. In addition, another thing you must know about this sneaky program is that it has an empty virus data base, so it is useless in detecting or removing viruses. That’s why you must remove Security Scanner 2012 from your computer without any delay.

When on board and active, Security Scanner 2012 starts trying to control your computer and makes some unnoticeable modifications helping it to launch as soon as PC is rebooted. In addition, it also displays continuous system scanners and alerts that all report the same story about numerous viruses detected. Of course, these viruses are fakes and this is done for the only reason – to trick you into thinking that you are dangerously infected. Keep in mind that all these deceptive alerts, system warnings and other fake notifications stating that your PC is at risk are faked! You must uninstall Security Scanner 2012 as soon as you notice it on your computer. For that, security experts recommend using only reputable anti-spywares, having all virus fixes.

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