Security Scanner

Security Scanner is a fake antivirus program that was designed by computer hackers in order to rip off random computer users. The application warns that your system is at risk by displaying tons of security notifications and pop up ads. These messages state that your system is infected which is not true at all. Security Scanner generates these messages just on one purpose. It wants to create an illusion that your system is infected.
Once inside, Security Scanner is configured to start automatically after each system restart. Basically, you will see a scanner run on your machine. By the end of this process you will receive a list of files that are supposedly harming your machine. The program will recommend purchasing a full version of Security Scanner in order to finish the scan and remove all infections that have been detected.
Moreover, Security Scanner will display a fake firewall alert saying that Security Scanner has blocked a program from accessing the Internet. It will also warn that your Internet Explorer is infected and once again recommend getting a full version of Security Scanner in order to eliminate all infections that have been installed to your computer.
Do not pay for this malicious application under any circumstances. Get rid of Security Scanner as soon as you detect this badware on your machine. Use a reputable antispyware program for the easiest elimination of Security Scanner.

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