Security Shield Pro 2011


Security Shield Pro 2011 is a rogue antispyware program that uses Trojan viruses in order to infiltrate and once inside impersonates an antispyware program. Security Shield Pro 2011 may be infiltrated while visiting malicious websites where you will be asked to download video codec or some updates that are necessary in order to watch videos on that website. In reality you download a Trojan that later on installs Security Shield Pro 2011 application. The Trojan also creates some files in your system that later on are reported as infections though actually are completely harmless.

So here is how everything looks like when Security Shield Pro 2011 is acting in the system. At first the program runs system scanner and pretends to look for infections. Then it makes a list of files that have been created by the same Trojan and displays it as the scan results. Security Shield Pro 2011 asks you to pay for its license so that it could remove files detected as infections.

Please do not fall for this trick under any circumstances. Paying for Security Shield Pro 2011 is equal to throwing your money to the wind. In fact such version of a program doesn’t even exist and after making a payment the situation on your computer will remain the same.

The only real infection that definitely rest on your system if you have noticed any above mentioned signs is Security Shield Pro 2011 itself. You are highly recommended to get rid of Security Shield Pro 2011 as soon as you detect its traces on your system.

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