Security Shield


Security Shield is a fake antispyware program that strongly reminds infamous Security Tool rouge application. The program spreads through Trojan viruses and is also promoted on malicious websites offering you to scan your system for free using Security Shield scanner. Once the scan finishes it claims that your system contains tons of malicious infections which must be removed as soon as possible.

Security Shield will cause even more annoying consequences if it infiltrates into your computer system. The program will not allow running most of your legitimate programs so you won’t be able to run your security program as well. Instead it will keep offering you to register your copy of Security Shield in order you could remove all threats. Moreover, fake warnings will not stop here. You can receive more of security notifications anytime. Most of the time they will claim the some sort of spyware attempts to steal your passwords. Basically they will do anything to push you into purchasing Security Shield.

Do not pay any money for this malicious program. You should get rid of Security Shield as soon as you detect it on your computer. Use a reputable antispyware program and eliminate this scam without any hesitations.


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