SecurityFighter is a classical fraud which is dedicated to fool you, trustful PC owners, and steal your money. Security Fighter poses to be a reputable anti-spyware which needs to be bought for the removal of cyber threats which are tricky reported to be found in your PC. However, there is no threat which can be found and then removed by this scam, so don’t fall into purchasing this fake application.
SecurityFighter will ask no permission when it will decide to get into your machine. In addition to this, rogue will state to detect hundreds of different viruses found after fake scan. All these trojans, worms or other malware will be reported to be deleted after the “full” version will be purchased. Don’t increase the profit for the scammers who should be blamed for creating such misleading applications and don’t buy SecurityFighter! All the reported infections don’t even exist on your PC and the only thing you should remove is SecurityFighter. Get rid of this scam immediately after recognizing it on the system of your PC.

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