Scammers have created one more rogue anti-spyware and this one is called SecuritySoldier. Just like its initials, this fake parasites’ remover seeks the only goal – to steal your money. Security Soldier is planted through free online anti-spyware scanners which all present themselves as reputable applications, so be careful and don’t fall into them.
Once inside, SecuritySoldier untruthfully starts searching the PC system for worms, Trojans and other spyware. Usually, the computer is bombarded with bogus scanning results and alerts about the critical level of its protection. In addition to this, the “full” version is offered for the removal.
Many PC users have been tricked into purchasing this scam, because all these messages are quite similar to Windows taskbar so be aware. I would highly recommend you using some reputable security software and get rid of SecuritySoldier as soon as possible.

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