ShieldSoldier is a rogue antispyware program that drives from Wini family of rogues which is the largest family containing the most harmful fake programs. Shield Soldier behaves very typically to most of the programs of Wini family. It imitates scanning the system for infections but finally displays imaginary files instead of real infections in its scan results. Even if your system is completely clear of infections, Shield Soldier will claim to detect some infections because its goal is to make you believe you have got protection problems and then convince you into purchasing Shield Soldier to fix everything.

Most of the time, Shield Soldier is installed by a Trojan. Trojans often pretend to be programs necessary to download in order to watch videos. So you basically think that you are installing some useful program but instead end up having a Trojan on your system.    Shield Solder is configured to start automatically after each computer reboot, which means that you will see its scanner loaded on your system each time you will login to Windows. The scanner will report that it detected tons of system threats in your system and offer you to purchase a full version of ShieldSoldier in order to remove them. Moreover, the program will generate lots of fake pop ups and security notifications stating that your system is infected as well just to convince your system is really badly infected.

Security experts recommend removing Shield Soldier as soon as you notice it on your system.

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