Smart Antivirus 2010


Smart Antivirus 2010 is a fake anti-spyware which is created to fool you into purchasing its “full” version. SmartAntivirus2010 is designed just like Smart Antivirus and has nothing to do with PCs’ protection. Contrary, it is a parasite by itself which may damage your computer’s system or even steal all your personal information.

Smart Antivirus 2010 has nothing smart and uses classic tactics for making you pay for this scam. At the beginning, it imitates to scan your machine for infections and reports to find millions of them. After fake security warnings are displayed, Smart Antivirus declares that only its registered version is capable to “fix” the problems. Don’t agree to spend your money for this scam! Get rid of Smart Antivirus 2010 as soon as possible!

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