Smart Defragmenter


Smart Defragmenter is a malicious program that imitates computer optimization program. It’s a badware that doesn’t allow running any of your executables and completely messes up your entire system.

Smart Defragmenter reports about some system errors after imitating your hard drives and memory scans. In order to fix them the program offers purchasing its full version. Unfortunately, that is not a solution as once you pay for the program your credit card is charged so you lose your money but you will never get any program for that.

Smart Defragmenter displays tons of fake security notifications claiming that your system is badly infected and scan is required in order to fix that. It might also display some critical errors. Basically, it will do everything in order to make you believe your system is badly infected and needs your attention.

Make sure to get rid of  System Defragmenter as soon as you detect it on your system. Do not trust it as it’s nothing like a real system optimization tool. If you have paid for it, immediately contact your credit card and dispute the charges.

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