Smart Engine


Smart Engine is a fake antispyware program that belongs to the same family of rogues as Virus Doctor. The application is installed to random computer systems while trying to download some program in order to watch online videos, etc. Instead of the program, you download Smart Engine application.

Once inside, the program loads its scanner as soon as computer is restarted. SmartEngine pretends to look for malicious files but in reality is not able to detect anything. For this reason Smart Engine displays fake scan results just in order to convince you into thinking your system is infected. Instead of displaying real threats, the program lists some harmless files that were created at the time when SmartEngine was being installed to the system. You shouldn’t try removing them as they are completely harmless. Even if you pay for Smart Engine the situation will remain the same plus you will lose your money.

If Smart Engine is running in the background you will also receive tons of security notifications and pop ups that will warn you about supposedly detected infections and risk to your private data. These messages are just as fake as the scan results by this malware.

Do not hesitate and remove Smart Engine right after you notice it on your system. Run a full system scan with a reputable antispyware program to make sure that you got rid of every single infection that might have entered the system while Smart Engine was running there.


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